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Childhood immunisations
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It’s not always coughs and colds; indeed there are times as a parent you may wish to seek GP advice regarding your child’s health that may not involve an acute medical issue. We are there to consult with parents about these issues and concerns. They can be things like such as behavioural issues your child is demonstrating that is causing concern and that you are seeking further advice on. Or concerns for your child’s mental well being – sleep problems, school avoidance, anxiousness , low mood etc.

How to prepare for a consult where you may wish to discuss a child’s form/behaviour:

It is good to bring a list if there are several things.
If the child is old enough- if in their teens – it can be good to encourage them to prepare a list also (but this is not necessary). We understand how children and teenagers may find it difficult to talk and are mindful if they are nervous or upset about having to come in to discuss things.

Lists can help act as reference tools during a consultation which is a limited time slot; it ensures you can get across your areas of concern and presenting lists often helps a GP identify which item to start with (not always the first item on the list). You don’t have to prepare a list, but our consultations are 15 mins duration, and it can help maximise that time and ensure direction is kept.

If there are several things and not enough time it is best to schedule another appointment.
The GP will do their best to cover all concerns but we must be mindful of time limitations due to surgery demands.

If you have forms you need completing, this administrative work is done outside of the GP consulting time in the surgery so will need time and hence we suggest allowing g 5 days to collect forms.

If you have a medical card for your child please note the following forms are not covered by the GMS contract and are not paid for by the state so there will be a fee for this administration work.
Some of the forms may require you to attend to go through certain details of the content with the GP particular if there are scale assessments on the form e.g. our practice staff will guide you on this and arrange an appointment for you.